Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Back

And I have been for a few days, and frankly I thought you guys deserved an update at that point. And I would have, but it seems I'm fresh out of laundry and unpacking jokes. This, though, I can show you:





The area looks a little different than in those screens, because I populated with NPCs and did all the scripting for it and whatever. Additionally, I've finished up a few other things, which puts me precisely _____ far away from release. I'm really close is basically the, ah, main point I'm making here.

This area is a little superflouous to the mod. There's a few things I decided to move to it instead of somewhere else simply because I made it. It's more of a...hallway. Like say you have two rooms which both have something going on in them. You've got to connect the rooms. Well, you don't have to, could just jump between the rooms, but that's stupid. So my link to the next mod as it stood was stupid by association. This area is pretty much a fancy hallway is the, ah, theme here.

Also, check this out by clicking this link. You should, you know, try and do it. I'm going to.

So anyway, the vacation was good. Went to Disney, dodged a hurricane, came back here. Now I'm in the drivers seat, freshly rested, and motivated to get done. And on that note, it's back to the toolset.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ran out of Time

That's it, my wife is coming even earlier than expected: tomorrow.

So I'm out.

Anyway, I got pretty far, far enough to test some stuff if that's what you all want to do. If you're already down with me for that, I'm uploading a new one. If you want to get down, you'll have to get at me before tomorrow morning or you're at the mercey of whenever I feel like getting at you.

Take care, see you all in a few.