Thursday, February 26, 2009

These monthly updates working for you?

They're going OK for me, in case you were wondering.

So, on to the big news of the month! Ossian's Mysteries of Westgate was announced to be released shortly. Whatever "soon" means, because it's certainly longer than two weeks from then. Of course, this spawned a series of "Yes it is!" "Do you think I'm an idiot?" responses. Personally, I think both are justified. I don't think anyone wants to see Ossian, or NWN2 as the case may be, fail because of this mismanaged debacle (not that the non-release of an Adventure Pack would spell doom for the game, but it's certainly not helping building confidence in the franchise or it's publisher...), even what little support pretending to be excited at this point people are mustering is, I'm sure, appreciated by the guys on the receiving end of the nonsense. Not to point fingers either. Oh, and don't take that the wrong way Ossian, I resigned to casual awareness a long time ago. Expecting excitement is a bit much, don't you think?

But on the flip side, the definition of something stupid is doing the same thing and expecting different results. This is why nobody likes a skeptic.

In other news, our BouncyRock project Shattered Dreams there's a new update out. Also, some setting information can be found here.


Monday, January 26, 2009

More Regular Updates?

You know, I'd imagine that there's some literary term for tricking people into thinking one thing when you read the title of something implying, through a question, that I have an answer or at least some controversy surrounding it, and the article in question is doing the exact opposite. As a more topical example:

Barack Obama Gay? he's not.

After all, newspapers do this all the time. But, regardless of my lack of knowledge on the topic that's what I did. I haven't really considered doing more regular updates and they will probably continue to be sporadic.

In any case, I've received several emails and questions as of late with regards to Subtlety of Thay. Will it be continued? Is it on indefinate hold? The answer to both is I can't really say at this point. I'd like to finish it of course, but working with this team has been a much better opportunity and that's pretty much the long of the short of it. If things change, I'll post it here. Sorry guys, that's the best I can do.

Moving on, with regards to the new project, the lack of information means we're dilegently working on it, every day. You may have noticed my good friend Elysius, despite a penchant for taking poorly written quizzes and sharing the results (I was an elf chick!), has been talking about the project a bit. So that's your information center until we're ready to start giving out some more regular updates, and maybe open a forum? Gaging the responses here guys, don't drop the ball.

Anyway, just to pad this out, the Academy of Modding Excellence is back in the delegating awards process. Their last round of awards, despite snubbing arguably the most physically attractive modder in the community, was a relative success. Question I have, though, is anyone looking forward to these?

Mod of the year is coming up also on the Vault, whereupon said exteremly attractive individual was also snubbed, and I know everyone is looking forward to that.

Finally, when are they going to have a "Most Physically Attractive" category in either of these categories?

Ah, well, one can dream I suppose.