Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Congratulations on your release. :) I look forward to taking a look at it when I have the opportunity.

Well done!


dirtywick said...

Thanks lance.

Wyrin said...

30 hours gameplay... yikes!

congrats on the release!

dgraf said...

Been looking forward to this since I finished the first chapter! Congrats on what is clearly a "monster" mod!

dirtywick said...

Thanks guys. Release is the worst part for me I think, at least the first like week afterward.

Amraphael said...

Great news! Congratulations DW, been waiting for it. Download started!

vendalus said...

Congrats on the release! Looking forward to playing it.

Maeniel Celeres said...

Hiya, just finished playing the Module, and I have to say, it was absoulutely brilliant! There are only a few things I want to comment on and need to ask. Reason Im posting it here instead of the vault is because I cant get my Vault account to work.
Ok the romance with Mishka was really good, but after the 'Before Banquet' Convo, it didnt really seem to develop any further. It would have been nice for it to continue developing, though that will probably happen in Chapter 3.
Also, just wondering but do we ever see Lowe and Red again?
Another thing, Shay, the little girl you can help in Glarondar, do you ever get to find out whether she survives or not?
I liked the siege idea, but after that the ending for the module was a little disappointing, though its continuing in a third chapter, it didnt seem as good as the ending in Chapter 1.
But yeah other than that, I really enjoyed the module, and look forward to playing Chapter 3.

dirtywick said...

Hi maeniel, thank you for your comments.

I agree the ending wasn't that great (unless you sided with the Zhents it's more substantial). But that's part of the problem with a middle chapter for a lot of things; originally I wanted to expand it longer for a better ending, but it'd be out sometime next year if I did that and it became more apparent as I went that it was getting way too big and needed to be broken up.

Far as Mishka goes, there is more to the relationship through dialogue, however you probably didn't get enough influence points. There's literally thousands of little chnages throughout the modules, often on each dialogue choice, that effects your relationships with your companions happening behind the scenes. You need X amount to reach the next level. Of course, as the campaign moves along you'll have more opportunities to gain or lose points.

Both Lowe and Red will be back, but not for a while. You know what Red was up to but you'll find out Lowe's secret and why he left later.

Shay was originally supposed to apepar outside of the temples, however that, among other things (like if you go in the Palace to the third floor on the opposite stairs there's a griffon roost, was going to do something with that. There was more things, but the size again...) didn't make the cut. She'll make an appearance later I'm sure of it, just not sure where exactly. One of those things I'm going to have to "wing it" on.

Anyway, thanks again.

fardoche77 said...

This is great... finally a good, intelligent campaign that isn't abandoned halfway through. Playing it right now. Will leave feedback on ze vault

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the release!(although a bit late) Sublety of Thay was one of my favorate modules, looking forward to play chapter 2.

A question, will there be a chapter 3?

FabMax said...

Great mod, as the first one.

I do have to mirror the complaint someone issued in the Vault. The troll cave sequence is really, really tedious if you're playing a spellcaster and Mishka is with you. There is only one place to rest, so I have to backtrack all the time. Would it be to much to ask to put in a few more safe spots to rest?